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International | Death
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LABEL : Dark Descent
YEAR : 2023
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Danish / Turkish Death Metal titans Hyperdontia should not need any introduction. Their two full length albums, several EPs and couple of splits all testify to them being a band of the highest quality. As does their renowned tightness in a live setting. Now they are as "Deranged" as ever, as their new EP title suggests. Ripping in with a cacophony of putrid yet punctual instrumental ferocity and gnarly vocals, those who are new to this beastly underground entity will be greeted with not just aggression but absolutely masterful musicianship where every element is a carefully crafted weapon in the great arsenal. The bass guitar is otherworldly while the drums hammer with remorseless action. Meanwhile, Hyperdontia's riffing is absolutely savage and the vocals sublimely sepulchral. Riveting, ruthlessly visceral and with dynamics aplenty to keep things unpredictable, there is no way anyone couldn't be gripped by this masterfully menacing music. This is not some throwaway foursome of songs that weren't good enough for an album, this is a dense and tight punch that in under 20 minutes will render you destroyed by truly impeccable Death Metal extremity. Unafraid of technicality, both in the riffing and lead work, along with the rhythm sections; there is no escaping just how monstrously skilled these guys are. That said, the brutality and barbarity is still there, this is not some flimsy polished gem of guitarists showing off. There is a soul and it devours all in the path, planting the most malicious sounds directly into your brain. One of the bands biggest strengths is incorporating plenty of shifts and new ideas rather than treading water, and to call this EP exhilarating would be an understatement. The descent into madness is one that is a joy to experience, even if a tormenting one. So, if you like Death Metal and you are still reading this; wait no longer, get stuck into the latest offering by one of the underground's undeniably best artists.

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