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BLITZKRIEG - The Boys From Brazil Street: 1981 Revisited, The Archives Vol. 1 (12" Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

United Kingdom | Death/Thrash
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Probably one of the most famous bands of the New Wave Of Brit'sh Heavy Metal, Blitzkrieg burned fast and bright. Despite only being in existence for 15 mont's following their evolution from the female-fronted Split Image, Blitzkrieg developed an enthusiastic and loyal fan base. Their live shows were renowned for their excitement and energy, and although the band's official releases at this time were limited to the 'Buried Alive' c/w 'Blitzkrieg' 7' single and 'Inferno' (their contribution to Neat Records' 'Lead Weight' compilation) they recorded a number of demos before splitting in December 1981. Three years later singer Brian Ross would later breathe new life into the band, but for many metal fans the exhilaration of these early days in 1980/81 truly captured the essence of the NWOBHM.

'The Boys From Brazil Street' charts the rise of the Leicester-based band through these demo recordings. Featuring the results of three trips to the studio, the collection starts with 'Blitzkrieg', 'Inferno' and 'Armageddon', the three tracks that first brought them to the attention of the press and fans, and goes on to include a number of live-in-the-studio cuts which show just what a great band Blitzkrieg were at this time. The album contains some previously unreleased material, as well as the original versions of the six songs which, with applause added later, made up the legendary 'Blitzed Alive' cassette the band sold at gigs and from their headquarters in Brazil Street. Guitarist and founder member Jim Sieroto's recollections of the time are augmented by the memories of some of the band's many fans.

John Tucker October 2013

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