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Review On Dec 6, 2014 by Witchhammer of Medellín
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Title: Anals of Dark Millennium
Comments: Passed the 2013 gates, we hear some comments on how to celebrate the band's 20 years of existence.
Some suggested a special concert, and some others suggested a tribute CD that featured some of our songs covered by other bands. That seems cool, but to be honest, we were never interested in celebrating that way; we know we have influenced some bands from different parts of the world, and we have left a very small and modest mark in metal history, but we don't feel we don't belong at all to the purest underground scene. Therefore, we considered that being honored to receive compliments is something disproportionately large and embarrassing, for a band like Witchtrap that is equal to all others. We are just three metal heads who have a band like many others do. Notwithstanding, after 20 year we do have a sense of duty to say thanks, to all of those who had contributed in any way, so we could have a band and play heavy metal like we dreamed long ago. We couldn't let it go. Have said that, this CD is nothing but a tribute from us to the scene that has been transparent and loyal to us.
Consequently, the following can be said about the content of this CD:
It is known by many that before Witchtrap came, we were members of Dark Millennium, a band we founded in 1992 and that had a more death metal oriented sound. As we only remember three of that time songs, we made some arrangements to them, rewrote their respective lyrics and recorded them.
l- Serial Aggressor; 2- Death Pain and 3-Dark Millennium; are the first three tracks on this CD. The next songs are our covered versions of the tracks: 4- Thrash Metal Attack (Savage Aggression); 5- Vestigios De Guerra (Dirges) and 6- Epitafio (Sobibor); these songs are originally written\par
and played by the Colombian bands Savage Aggression, Diges and Sobibor respectively.
And the main reason to include these on this CD is that they are three brutal and super songs, in such a way that our versions are just a hint of the originals, however we made some arrangements on them to make them more compatible with our style. These bands are like us and know that the only thing that makes us move forwards is passion and love for metal. Even these are only three among many of our brother bands, this is a tribute to all of them, because recording covered versions of more groups would have become complicated.
To conclude, we hope you enjoy this CD as much as we did making it. We had a good time recording the past's songs and friend's songs.

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