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Review On Nov 29, 2011 by Anonymous of WA
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Title: Almost Great.
Comments: I''ve heard worse sounding bootleg/live records than this! Pretty sure that this was recorded by a fan in the audience, which isn''t all that unusual. The sound isn''t bad given the time, and method of recording. Getting to hear audience interaction, and a little performance dialogue is always a nice touch on a live LP.

The LP itself is pressed on decently heavy wax, which is always nice. The cover is nothing to shout about, just black and white, and non-glossy finished. Otherwise decently thought out and put together. However, it did come with a flyer-like poster with the place and date of the show along with the band logo. Nice little extra.

At this point Witchfynde doesn''t need much of an explanation/introduction. Good solid rock-n-roll. If you like Witchfynde, you will most likely enjoy this release. If you really like the Give ''em Hell album, then you simply must get this release. If you collect metal related oddities, then get this album. This is the only live LP I have run across from this band, with this lineup.

The Divine Victim and Twilight Lady mesh really well in the song lineup, and both sound really good despite the rougher recording. On the B side, I would have to say standouts are Leaving Nadir, and Wake Up Screaming, and the cover of Paranoid is just fun.

This live LP would have gotten a 5 star from me if only the audio wasn''t slightly clipped at the beginning of each side. All in all a very fun, decent live recording of early Witchfynde.

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