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WITCH CROSS - Fit For Fight (12" LP)

Denmark | Heavy
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We found one blue vinyl copy left on our shelf, but it has a few dinged corners and a small seam split (see images below). This is definitely not a "collector's grade" copy, but if you missed out and still want the music on vinyl, here's your last chance. Please note: this copy does NOT come with a poster.

OUT NOW on Hells Headbangers: This is the "Fit For Fight" album only featuring the correct lyrics for the very first time! Comes with a huge 24" x 36" poster of the album cover! Pressed on Blue, Green, Silver & Black Vinyl. CDs, Tapes & various Merch also available.

The cult classic "Fit For Fight" album originally released on Roadrunner Records in 1984 now issued under Hells Headbangers with the full cover artwork and album lyrics! Easily one of the best Danish heavy metal bands of all time, who also recorded their album with Henrik Lundat at Easy Sound Recording, the same studio & engineer to spawn such classics as MERYCFUL FATE's Melissa and Don't Break The Oath. A mandatory release for all Heavy Metal Maniacs! If you're going to listen to anything from Denmark, it better be "Don't Break the Oath", "Melissa" or "FIT FOR FIGHT!"

View an album review in UK magazine Metal Forces #5, 1984 HERE.

_DECEASED_s King Fowley once compared Witch Cross to a mixture of early DEF LEPPARD and MERCYFUL FATE, and that_s spot-on_a hallowed album with a cult-like following for good reason_The strengths of Witch Cross are numerous, but three elements soar above the rest: their riffs were inventive, classy, and memorable; the atmosphere is one of brightness balanced by an underlying sense of fear; and the vocals of Alex Savage had a clarity and charisma that truly set Witch Cross apart_truth be told, Witch Cross never recorded anything better than Fit for Fight, and neither did most other European metal bands from the era. This is the proverbial cream of the crop? _ Decibel [9/10 rating]

_A lost gem in the Danish heavy metal ancestry. Hailing from quite the opposite end of the spectrum than MERCYFUL FATE, Witch Cross offer a Danish take on the NWOBHM (when the original movement itself was already on the decline), with a touch of glam (think TOKYO BLADE)_Luckily enough, timeless heavy metal anthems have a knack of standing out despite mediocre production, and with a immensely talented singer as Alex Savage upfront and most capable twin-lead axe-men, very little could go wrong...and indeed, it didn_t. Talking 1984 Denmark, Witch Cross definitely belong among the most essential acts alive (way beyond PRETTY MAIDS_or, uh, D.A.D.). Excellent re-release by Hells Headbangers? _ Zero Tolerance [4.5/6 rating]

_Since this is a time when new bands are seeking a classic sound, it certainly helps to show fans some of the source material...This is exactly what you_d want from a classic heavy metal album from the mid ?80s as you are hit hard and fast by riffs and a sweet guitar tone, high-pitched and powerful vocal lines, and a sweet galloping pace, not to mention the album artwork, which is a total cheesefest...If you are a heavy metal historian who fancies themselves some deeper cuts from a very influential country like Denmark, you will love this; for others you should also consider ?Rocking The Night Away_ to this Danish delight? _ About.com [4/5 rating]

_This rare gem from the golden age of heavy metal has been given a new lease on life thanks to the kind folks at Hells Headbangers_Released the same year as [MERCYFUL FATE_s] Don't Break The Oath, Fit For Fight showcases a band in the midst of battle between the old guard of classic heavy metal and the emergent thrash scene of the day...If these guys were from England, they'd have been lumped in with NWOBHM groups like SAXON and TYGERS OF PAN TANG_a long-lost metal classic? _ ThrashHead.com [4.5/5 rating]

_This album deserves being pushed into the limelight again, because it is one of the damn best albums from the Danish metal scene of the early 1980s. Although stylistically quite different from MERCYFUL FATE's releases, it reaches the same level of high quality metal_With a distinct NWOBHM-inspired sound, Witch Cross committed a near-masterpiece in this album? _ MetalMusicArchives.com [4.5/5 rating]

_If you haven_t heard this hidden gem from Witch Cross yet, then now is the best time than any to venture out and sink your teeth into Fit for Fight. The original pressing may be a little hard to come by, but well worth your time to track it down in whatever format it was presented in_this album still has plenty of catchy songs, and many that favor the ?80s dark and dirty atmosphere, with every song here well worth your time_a doorway to what made the ?80s so great when it came to heavy metal, and a staple to any collector_s library? _ Apochs.net [8.5/10 rating]

_ha, this one takes me back. In 1984, Denmark's Witch Cross released their one and only full-length album, Fit for Fight. At that time, I was searching for anything and everything underground and non-major label. I don't know where I first heard the song ?Light of a Torch,_ but I was instantly hooked and bought the album as soon as I found it...high-energy rockers with memorable choruses...any fan of traditional metal, especially the NWOBHM, who missed this one back in ?84 won't want to miss it now? _ Metalcrypt.com [4/5 rating]

_This is a blast from the past for me. I have been listening to this album for many a moon_this fantastic metal album_is classic mid ?80s heavy metal_The music on here is marvelous and just chugs along with speedy ripping music that commands you like an evil old witch_s spell to headbang and play air guitar. I mean, seriously - listen to the songs ?Fight The Fire_ and ?Light Of A Torch_ and tell me you were able resist rocking out those amazing tunes_Seriously, if you have not heard this by now, you better get it or you do not even like classic heavy metal, and why are you still reading this review? This is a must-own for ?80s metal fans. Get your grip on this intense fireball of metal now? _ CanadianAssault.com

_Fans of traditional NWOBHM with a more mainstream approach will definitely dig Fit for Flight. One listen and you will know why Witch Cross came to be known as the ?smiling heavy metal band_? _ LoudandLive.com

_The early 1980s was a grim time in a lot of ways (Margaret Thatcher, recession, and the bomb), but decent music like this opened up a hedonistic, light-filled world of increasingly heavy music. Witch Cross could be a happy starting point for anyone thinking of dipping into the early ?80s past. The production values may seem very dated to a lot of ears, but it is a prime example of the decent stuff that has, for most people, been undeservedly forgotten? _ AveNoctum.com

_Taking cues from the catchy hooks and infectious vocal lines of TOKYO BLADE, Witch Cross delivered one of the best traditional heavy metal albums I have ever heard_Hells Headbangers has done the world a huge favor by unearthing and re-releasing Fit For Fight. If you don't have this album and enjoy traditional heavy metal the old-school way, then do your ears a favor and get it as soon as possible and rock the night away!? _ NocturnalCult.com

_A classic for sure_They really had a knack for getting the most out everything they put into their songs. There is certainly no wasted space. That's a large part of why it's such a great album_any chance to hear this album again is very welcome? _ Heavy Metal Time Machine webzine

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