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VLADIMIRS - The Late Hours
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VLADIMIRS - The Late Hours (CD)

United States | Horror Punk
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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Detailed Description
VERY LAST COPIES OF THIS OLD HHR RELEASE: Comes with an 8-page booklet featuring all lyrics.

Darkness comes in many forms, and for Hells Headbangers it's not always extreme metal. Darkest proof in the form of THE VLADMIRS, who first made their black mark at the forefront of the mid-'90s, during the second wave of horror-punk, and now 16 years later animate their eighth zombified creation entitled "The Late Hours." Indelible, utterly anthemic punk rock that's eerily dark and shadow-draped, THE VLADMIRS here pay respect to horror-punk legends before them whilst creeping on with their well-established identity, resulting in a rollicking ride through the graveyard when the devil's on the loose - run far and free with them during "The Late Hours"!

Recommended for diehards of THE MISFITS, SAMHAIN, DEVIL'S WHOREHOUSE, early TSOL, and 45 GRAVE!

**The Vladimirs play horror-punk, and they are quite good, actually. Their songs have an adjuring effect on me, and I_ve been listening to The Late Hours about three times a day now for the past two weeks. Unlike any other horror-punk bands (THE MISFITS, SAMHAIN, THE OTHER) these guys don_t have an image (which probably is their image), so it_s the music that counts. On account of Hells Headbangers, The Vladimirs could have their breakthrough in 2011. I_m curious if anyone can top this album within this rather restricted genre. Simply great!? _ Lordsofmetal.nl [8.5/10 rating]

**This latest album from Ohio_s own horror-punks Vladimirs is due out in the UK on 22nd November; damn they_ve missed a trick! A couple of weeks earlier and The Late Hours could have been the soundtrack of a thousand Halloween parties... Like a Doc Marten-wearing zombie on speed, Vladimirs kick their way through snappy track after track...Fans of GREEN DAY, take note - this is catchy punk without the corporate commercial whoring. Buy it!? _ MetalTeamUK.net

**A rollicking trippy borderland between horror-punk and gothic rock, which makes it all delectably consumable...Without losing a catchy angle for a single moment, The Vladimirs navigate through a dozen cuts ranging from punky B-horror low-budget movie soundtrack to a dirty sleaze-rock to gothic realm but with a more definitive gritty angle. Droning only for a song or two, The Vladimirs manage to come up with some things super-melodic or having a longing, sad edge to them. Most of the time, The Late Hours is up-tempo and overflowing with energy, until it hits the closing 13-minute title track, which begins as a dark gothic ballad, meanders around, before picking up again in the riff department. The Vladimirs have an unbelievable knack of taking those rollicking riffs and sculpting graveyard anthems around them, sounding a bit grotesque, but not cheap, in the process. While listening to The Late Hours, you can_t get rid of a feeling that this is all a show, and eventually it will end, but the sheer realism of the _moving kaleidoscope_ impresses? -MetalReviews.com [8.1/10 rating, "Surprise of the Month?]

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