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VINDICATOR - There Will Be Blood
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VINDICATOR - There Will Be Blood (12" LP)

United States | Thrash
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LABEL : Doomentia
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It's hard to tell if those so-called 'new wave of US thrash-metal' has ever been a reality or just one those journo's wild fantasy but if such thing would have ever existed, you'd probably find VINDICATOR at the top of the list. Then again, when you_re being stranded somewhere in the Cleveland area, Ohio as the S-town brothers Vic (guitar, vocals) and Jesse (drums) were, in the end you have no choice but to follow the rest of the herd_ Or simply go for the kill. And they did, as early as in 2005 when 'real' thrash seemed like a thing of the past, only to be revered by thirty years plus old metalheads with tears in their eyes.

That such a killer debut as 'There Will Be Blood' had to be self-released due to a total lack of interest from potential labels back in 2008 almost seems like heresy now but it's not even like the band themselves cared much. As a matter of fact, as if striving from being free from any outside pressure or hype, they simply set out to release a straight, balls-to-the-walls, no-frills-and-no-bullshit-allowed METAL album. Sitting comfortably somewhere between early MEGADETH tainted with the ?evil_ approach of SLAYER and the typically German fury of SODOM, the beauty of this raging little fucker is that it doesn_t even pretend to step forward unmasked. Granted with one of the most literate cover out there, full of songtitles alone that just don_t beat around the bush and tell you straight what the score is ('Pain And Suffering', 'Shrapnel' or 'Thrash And Destroy' just to name a few) and even rougher and rawer than its sophomore 'The Antique Witcheries' released two years later, 'There Will Be Blood' shows no mercy. Now re-released on LP with the usual high DOOMENTIA standards, this is once again the time to raise the flag of hate and re-launch the infernal overkill. Aaaaaargh!!!

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