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VEX - Thanatopsis
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VEX - Thanatopsis (CD)

Belgium | Death/Thrash
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LABEL : Horror Pain Gore Death
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Vex present Dynamic Death Metal that channels the archaic energy of Extreme Metal. Surging atavistic aggression emanates from an atmospheric and melodic folk-based core. Thanatopsis takes you on aural journeys to vast desolate landscapes. The album title taken from the term Thanatos: the death instict which exists in the heart of everything. This subconcious tendency towards self destruction, decay and death manifests upon withdrawal from others and rejection of pleasure, survival and creation. From the Funeral Doom cadence of Erosion to the desperate speed of Motionless, Vex use a vast amount of colors and tones to paint each and every facet of the human death-drive. With the success of their recent split 7-Inch with fellow Texans and Death/Doom legends Divine Eve, Thanatopsis is the result of roughly five years worth of refinement and maturity. A continual emphasis on speed and aggression recalls The Chasm and The Crown, while the occasional dark melodic passage is familiar to fans of Dissection and Primordial. For fans of God Dethroned, Epoch Of Unlight, Grave, Immortal, Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates & Bathory.
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