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URGEHAL - Massive Terrestrial Strike
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URGEHAL - Massive Terrestrial Strike (12" LP)

Norway | Black
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URGEHAL's second album, "Massive Terrestrial Strike," is a relentless onslaught of pure black metal power. Released in 1998, this album captures the essence of the genre's ferocity and darkness. The opening track, "The Sodomizer," sets the tone with its blistering riffs and aggressive vocals that cut through the air like a sonic blade.

The album continues with tracks like "The Saturnine Denomination" and "Supreme Evil," where URGEHAL's uncompromising approach to black metal becomes evident. The guitar work is both chaotic and precise, creating a wall of sound that engulfs the listener in a torrent of aggression.

"Image of the Horned King" showcases the band's ability to blend melody and brutality seamlessly. The song's eerie atmosphere and haunting melodies create a sense of foreboding that is characteristic of black metal's darker themes.

URGEHAL's penchant for incorporating atmospheric elements is evident in tracks like "Tellus død / Armageddons svøpe," a short interlude that adds an eerie ambiance before transitioning into the album's ferocious second half.

"Apocalyptic Destruction" and "Flames of Black Candles" close the album with a relentless barrage of blast beats, thunderous bass lines, and venomous vocals. The band's commitment to maintaining a consistent atmosphere of malevolence is commendable, making "Massive Terrestrial Strike" a raw and unrelenting black metal experience.

In "Massive Terrestrial Strike," URGEHAL showcases their ability to harness the primal energy of black metal and channel it into a sonic assault that leaves an indelible mark. The album is a testament to the band's dedication to the genre's roots while infusing their own brand of uncompromising intensity. "Massive Terrestrial Strike" stands as a brutal ode to the ferocity and darkness that define black metal's essence.

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