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Review On May 10, 2007 by Skinner of Prague
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Title: essence of hate
Comments: Awesome for depressive souls!
first reason being the material on the album which is filled with different levels of depression and hate that defines the seething anger within Taarma,
raw and gloom both are a major feature, the cd starts with an intro which in my view portryas the arrival of winters and desolation followed by the opening track Bleeding in utter solitude and loss which is nothing but melancholic depression that only deepens as the tracks plays on, combination of acoustical sounds and whispered growls make up the atmosphere assisted by high distorted guitars, this track reminded me of some of the emotion i discover while listening to Nortt and Xasthur, the next track Sea of blood unveiled the much hatefull side of Taarma to my surprise, while i was listening to the opening track i expected a similar pattern of melodies but to my amazement this was not the case and instead it had various emotions embedded in the following tracks, the second last track Apparition of misery was again one of the more melancholic and slow paced track, its main atmosphere consists of highly distorted guitars and cathedral keys which suite the atmosphere created perfectly, the vocals are distant and pain filled, i personally would have liked it if this track was a bit longer in length, the emotion created by this track would have suited a longer length in my opinion but never the less it is very dark and depressive, the ending track is which reflects the bands influence Doomed by howling winds is a Xasthur cover track and as iam personally a Xasthur fan i really like this track, the gloomy raw production and the sick vocals match the required atmosphere perfectly, this cd is for the listeners of gloomy and hatefull black metal played in a very obscure style.
second reason is the roots of the band, considering the obscure and extreme nature of the surrounding releasing a black metal cd of this quality in itself should be considered as mission accomplished.


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