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SPECKMANN (Master) - Master Project (SLIPCASE CD)

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LABEL : Area Death / Thanatopsis
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The beginning of the Death Metal movement one of the foundation bands that cannot be ignored is Master. Originally hailing from Chicago since 1983, Master may not have had the commercial recognition as some of their counterparts but there is no denying that Master played a HUGE influential part in the formation of the Death Metal scene. The driving force behind Master is Paul Speckmann, who has been a key figure throughout the extreme metal movement.

Maybe you dont know, Master debut album was recorded twice. The first version was recorded in Chicago with originals Schmidt, Mittelbrun and Speckmann and Markus Staiger, the boss of Nuclear Blast, didn't like the mix that Schmidt and Speckmann did. So, band had to record it twice. 2nd recording did in Morrisound Studio Florida, Tampa, Produced by Scott Burns.It was a completely different recording with extension of song, and new bonus tracks as well because band had another guitar player and drummer Martinelli and Nickeas

Finally the original recording from Chicago is released as Master same title album by Nuclear Blast, 2nd recording released as Speckmann Project album by Nuclear Blast as well (NB056) in 1992. Only old death metal fans bought and known about this great release - Speckmann Project! now, ADP did official re-issue in deluxe edition.

1. Limited 1000 copies with hand numbered
2. New slipcase pack plus extra A1 size poster
3. With new art work and included interview with Paul Speckmann
4. with more bonus tracks from original Master Demo 1985.

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