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SIN ORIGIN - In The Presence Of A Dread Magician
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SIN ORIGIN - In The Presence Of A Dread Magician (CD)

United States | Black
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New (2005) full-length album by SIN ORIGIN, spearheading the true American Black Metal Underground! Over an hour's worth of high-calibre Black Metal overflowing with ferocious necro-ish aggression complimented with technical, controlled, yet stormy and explosive dynamics veering from break-neck Blackened Thrash to mid-tempo, doomy Viking-ish atmospheres! For those of you diehards who do not believe that killer cult Black Metal brutality and darkness can be executed with polished production, quality musicianship, and carefully dedicated song-writing, then prepare to be blown the fuck away by SIN ORIGIN's "In the Presence of a Dread Magician"! If crappy recording-values, sloppy playing, and overall shitty execution (under the guise of "true necro"-- really just a poor [lame] excuse for inability, lack of creativity, or half-assed laziness) is considered to be the standard of "kult" Underground BM, then prepare for your preconceptions and mis-conceptions to be annihilated and disintegrated to sub-atomic bits! With "...Dread Magician", SIN ORIGIN unleash Blackened grim power and majestically epic supremacy to confirm that the state of USBM (and all of the Extreme Metal Scene in general) is alive and well! This is the state of the Blackened art-- support the local Underground or die!

SIN ORIGIN's second album of killer A.B.M.U. tracks! Super-long Black Metal conciertos influenced by DARKTHRONE, with a cold Nordic attack. Excellent technical live drums, with great recording production. The best Black Metal album ever released by BlackMetal.com Records-- this is no idle boast! You will be amazed and blown away by the immense brilliance and sheer genius of SIN ORIGIN! Featuring ultra-high calibre artwork based on SIN ORIGIN's occultic sigils. (June 2005)

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