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SAVAGE MASTER - With Whips And Chains (12" LP)

United States | Heavy
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Savage Master were formed in October 2013 by guitarist Adam Neal and Stacey "Savage" Peak in Louisville, Kentucky (of all places), featuring a lethal does of female vocals soaring on Lucifer's wings, over sick rockin' guitar riffs straight from the depths of hell.
Regarding musical influences there are two bands who did leave a lasting impression on Adam and Stacey: "We both love Acid (from Belgium) and Bitch! Adam definitely had Acid on the brain while formulating musical ideas. While I believe that my performance and writing is effected by an amalgam of what I listen to, I was not specifically focusing on Acid or Bitch in my personal process."
Taking their striking image from the 1960s cult movie "Black Sunday" (aka "The Mask of Satan"), portraying executioners under the command of a witch, the band's first album "Mask of the Devil" did take the metal world by storm. "We are thrilled with the reaction that "Mask of the Devil" has received," enthuses mistress Savage. "It has been overwhelmingly positive, which was a bit of a shock as we did not realize we would gain as much recognition as we have, especially so early on. We are especially grateful for the passionate reaction our German fans have expressed."
However, with the new album "With Whips And Chains" Savage Master are bound to attract even more followers: "We had a killer time recording it in December 2015. We hope fans will enjoy this offering when it is released. Of course "Mask of the Devil" is dear to our hearts since it is our first album but "With Whips And Chains" is even stronger and meaner. It is a more completed realization of our venture on the road ahead."
Sounds good. In the form of High Roller Records Savage Master have teamed up with one of the world's leading metal specialist labels. Stacey comments: "We are very happy for High Roller Records to release "With Whips And Chains" because we want all of our fans around the world to have access to our record and we feel that High Roller Records will provide broader distribution of our album."
The band's first release on the label was 2015's "Black Hooves" 7" single as Stacey recalls: "The single featured intense artwork by the very talented Christophe Moyen. With this release fans are given a flickering taste of the material to come and a salute to Riot with our cover of 'Swords And Tequila' which is also featured on Skol Records' release "Thunder And Steel Down Under". We sold out of the single within the first few days of our tour as fans hungrily snatched them up. We toured America three times in support of our album "Mask of the Devil" including playing 'Ragnarokk' in Chicago, 'Wings Of Metal' in Montreal and 'Frost And Fire Fest' in Ventura, California. I guess we have played 50 to 60 live shows so far."
Apart from their new album "With Whips And Chains" Savage Master have something else to look forward to in 2016: "We are especially excited to be on the 'Keep it True Festival' in Germany this April. After which we will continue on a few more German dates as well as dates in Holland, Austria and Switzerland. European fans have offered a ton of support to us and it will be our honor to take our first steps onto European soil and meet with our fans."

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