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SABBAT - Sabbatical Visionslaught
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SABBAT - Sabbatical Visionslaught (DVD w/ CD - PAL Format!)

Japan | Black/Thrash
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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Detailed Description
Originally to be released by a European label, the DVD portion of this set was authored in PAL format prior to HHR taking over the project. Newer DVD players & computers may play this fine although if unsure consult your player documentation before purchasing.

Features 2 live shows recorded in Japan during 1992 and 2000. Both with excellent visual & audio quality, especially when considering the technology limitations of the time. Also includes a band photo slide show from 1984-2004 plus a 66 minute audio CD with many previously unreleased tracks. The Sabbat lineup on these two live shows was: Gezol (bass/vocals), Temis Osmond (guitar/vocals) & Zorugelion (drums). Over 159 minutes of Sabbatical Blacking Metal!

"If you take a look at the world map of barbaric metal, in almost every country you will surely find one or more well-known acts... As they say, from Sweden came Bathory, from England came Venom, and from Japan came Sabbat!!

In 1983 a few metal maniacs decided to start a band called EVIL. After some small line up changes the following year they abandoned the name Evil and Sabbat was born! From that time until the present day, Sabbat has followed the ancient metal way much like the legendary Samurai warriors... Always honest and never following trends. Live by the sword, die by the sword!

This DVD set has been unleashed to honor this great band and show their fans the true Blacking Metal spirit of these Samurai warriors in a live setting. Forget about high quality sound, huge studio productions, this is metal as it should be: rough, barbaric and evil. This is metal. This is Sabbat!" -Bart Gabriel, Hard Rocker Magazine

CHAPTER I (48 minutes)
Live at Rockets, Osaka, Japan June 24, 2000:

1) Satan Bless You
2) Oroche, Devil Worship
3) Cahrisma
4) Yoochuu
5) Gok Kan Ma
6) Hellfire
7) Dead March / Black Fire

CHAPTER II (45 minutes):
Live at Music Farm, Nagoya, Japan July 15, 1992:
1) Satan Bless You
2) Evil Nations
3) Torment In The Pentagram / Sabasius (Instrumental) / Torment In The Pentagram
4) Envenom Into the Witch's Hole
5) Godz of Satan
6) Total Necro
7) Beyond the River
8) Whisper of the Demon
9) Black Fire

photo slide show (Sabbat photos 1984-2004)

BONUS AUDIO CD (66:37 minutes):
1) Disembody (taken from "Fetishism" album 1994)
2) Evil Nations (taken from "Envenom" album 1991)
3) Unknown Massacre (taken from "Disembody" album 1993)
4) Beyond The River (taken from "Evoke" album 1992)
5) Charisma (previously unreleased version, different guitar solos 2000)
6) Bowray Zamurai (previously unreleased English version, different mix 1999)
7) Black Fire (taken from the "Sabbatical Demon" demo tape 1990)
8) Possessed Hammer (previously unreleased version with different mix 1998)
9) Envenom Into the Witches Hole (taken from the "Live At Blokula" album 1995)
10) Witchurch (previously unreleased version with different mix, 1996)
11) Satan Bless You (previously unreleased rough mix version, 1991)
12) Elixir De Vie (taken from 'Fetishism" album 1994)
13) Hell Fire (Japanese version, first time on CD, taken from the "Antarctic Harmageddon" MLP 2001)
14) Reminiscent Bells (taken from "Envenom" album 1991)


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