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ROTTING WAYS TO MISERY - The History Of Finnish Death Metal
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ROTTING WAYS TO MISERY - The History Of Finnish Death Metal (BOOK)

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LABEL : Cult Never Dies
YEAR : 2020
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Written by Markus Makkonen and Kim Stromsholm. Full-length book, 300 pages, hardback covers. Cult Never Dies' newest book, this is the definitive guide to the magical and morbid Finnish death metal scene! This 300 page tome explores the explosive scene of the early 90s, while also covering the pre-death metal extreme / thrash metal scene in Finland, as well as the genre's resurrection. Full of unseen photos and long and exclusive interviews with multiple members of legendary bands such as AMORPHIS, SENTENCED, PHLEGETHON, XYSMA, THERGOTHON, FUNEBRE, DEMILICH, DEMIGOD, PURTENANCE, MORDICUS, DISGRACE, NECROPSY, ROTTEN SOUND and ABHORRENCE, plus more cult and seminal acts such as NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE, FESTERDAY, FAFF BEY, MENGELE, MAPLE CROSS, A.R.G., PUTRID, CONVULSE, CARTILAGE, INFERIA, COFFIN, MYTHOS, LUBRICANT, COMEBACK RECORDS and more. The book also features contributions from outside of the scene from peers and admirers of Finnish death metal including members of AUTOPSY, AT THE GATES, MISERY INDEX, THE HAUNTED, BENEDICTION, ASPHYX, ENTRAILS, BLACK CRUCIFIXION, TEITANBLOOD, UNCOFFINED, ANATOMIA and many, many more.

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