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ROTTING CHRIST - Thy Mighty Contract [Raven Music]
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ROTTING CHRIST - Thy Mighty Contract [Raven Music] (CD)

Greece | Grind (First Demos), Black (early), Black/Gothic (now)
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LABEL : Raven Music
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Detailed Description
Greek's Black Metal pioneers Rotting Christ Released "Thy Mighty Contract" via Osmose Productions in 1993, few years later the album was licensed and sold to Century Media and now it's time to Reissue the Dark Masterpiece once again, using the ORIGINAL ARTWORK design and 2 Bonus Tracks, not to mention a new booklet with Various Statements and Liner notes from the Masters of Extreme Metal around the globe telling their own personal Story of "Thy Mighty Contract", Members of Emperor, Absu, Septicflesh, Agalloch, Primordial, Enslaved, Naglfar and others, each shares his own experience with this Album.

Track list:
1 The Sign of evil Existence 2. Transform all Suffering into Plagues 3 Fgmenth, thy Gift 4. Dive the deepest Abyss 5. Exiled Archangels 6 His sleeping Majesty 7. The Coronation of the Serpent 8 The fourth Knight of Revelation

Bonus tracks:
9 Visions of the dead Lover 10. The mystical Meeting

With Thy Mighty Contract Rotting Christ perfectionized the Greek Sound and archetype riffing and melodies they already established on their Satanas Tedeum demo. The Greek sound in general and the Rotting Christ sound specifically is brilliant in all its simplicity and somewhat it makes sense when listening to Thy Mighty Contract that Greece is the cradle of modern civilization. Bard Faust, Emperor

When Euronymous sent me their "Deathcrush" demo in 1989, he included a song by this Greek underground band called Rotting Christ that he was going to release on his label. At the time I thought it was some of the best stuff I had ever heard. Rotting Christ opened the doors for me to the Greek atmospheric black metal scene and there was nothing else like it anywhere. What strikes me today, is that Rotting Christ had songs, real songs, not everyone did, or does. Thy Mighty Contract still kills most of the stuff coming out today, or ever since it?s release some 20 years ago. -Havard Ellefsen, Mortiis, Emperor

When Thy Mighty Contract came out, Enslaved was only in our second year as a band. There weren't that many bands within Extreme and Black Metal back then, so we listened a lot to those few band - these days there are a lot of bands, but fewer worth listening to (ironic, isn't it?). Among those were Rotting Christ, whose "Passage to Arcturo" were already a classic with us. "Thy Mighty Contract" was a step towards a more polished expression of their musical ideas, and in that moment in time I think they captured the spirit of the times in the scene, and more specifically the spirit of Greek Black Metal with precision. Their work from these early years will always remain an integral part of the development of the Extreme and Black Metal scene we have today -IVAR BJORNSON, ENSLAVED

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Greece | Grind (First Demos), Black (early), Black/Gothic (now)


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