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RIDE FOR REVENGE - Ageless Powers Arise (12" Gatefold LP)

Finland | Black/Death
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400 copies pressed on black vinyl and only 111 copies on oxblood vinyl mostly sold through HHR mailorder. Comes in a gatefold cover.

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present RIDE FOR REVENGE's fifth album, Ageless Powers Arise, on vinyl LP. For over a decade now, RIDE FOR REVENGE have maintained one of the most unique sounds in the black/death underground - and prolifically, at that - with their debut album, 2007's The King of Snakes, being the watershed moment where this Finnish entity boldly unfurled its uneasy 'n' unclean primitivism-unto-ritualism onto unsuspecting ears. Since then, the duo became a trio, and their original vision - murky, miasmic, even tribal black metal debased down to its most primitive state, originally using only drums and mangled strings run through a bass amp - has ever so slightly expanded to include noisier textures and even early grindcore.

Released in 2015 on CD format and an extremely limited vinyl version, RIDE FOR REVENGE's Ageless Powers Arise saw the band deliver their most consistently absorbing set of songs yet. By this point known for ultra-compact albums of malevolent minimalism (nothwithstanding the massive Enter the Gauntlet, from 2014), RIDE FOR REVENGE expanded the seven mantras here to longer, more hypnotic lengths, in a sense drawing forth the atavistic powers of vibration by locking on to a primitive pulse and then (d)evolving it the further they went on. Additionally, Ageless Powers Arise features a greater integration of sinister black metal riffing, except characteristically devolved and mangled as only RIDE FOR REVENGE can. And like many/most of their records, the song titles tell the entire story: "Your World Against Mine," "Forest of Magic," "The Hell of Old Testament," the telltale "Vomit Ugly Shit," and of course the title track itself.

As longtime fans, HELLS HEADBANGERS is honored to now release a bulk of RIDE FOR REVENGE's back catalog on vinyl, with Ageless Powers Arise preceded by the band's latest Thy Horrendous Yearningand to be later followed by 2009's Wisdom of the Few. The abyss has just gotten even more bottomless..

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