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REVEL IN FLESH / GRAVE WAX - Corpus Obscuria (7" EP)

Germany | Death
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Swedish sound ridden old school Death Metal from Germany versus cult death-metal guru?! Determined not to be left behind biting the dust, Germanys REVEL IN FLESH have exhumed an unreleased track taken from the recoding sessions of their acclaimed second album Manifested Darkness (Germany) released last year on FDA REKOTZ. "Corpus Vermis" is another glorious throwback to the days when Sunlight'studio and ENTOMBED reigned supreme, yet with those youngsters own flair and melodic sense that really set them apart from the horde of Swedeath revivalists that had been sweeping mercifully the scene recently. GRAVE WAX isnt just another outlet for legendary former MASSACRE vocalist and one of death-metal original growler, Kam Lee but rather a unique occasion to team up with the Riddick brothers (including Mark, renowned graphic art'st and responsible for this splits cover) to come up with their quite unique form of extreme music. That doesnt mean theyve forgotten their roots as besides a new, exclusive original ("Obscuria Darkness Enraptured"), theyre also covering here the mighty IMPETIGO by defiling their very own "Dis-orga-nized".

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