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REALMBUILDER - Fortifications Of The Pale Architect (12" LP)

United States | Epic Heavy/Doom
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From the very beginning, the two warriors who comprise Realmbuilder had a different, idiosyncratic vision for epic heavy metal. They were influenced by a horde of diverse bands but were determined to follow their own path and do something that was simultaneously earnest and fant'stical. The goal for their second, current album was simple: Take their established aesthetic and craft better songs. Write. Refine. Rehearse. Chisel. Sculpt. Reach higher. Paint a bigger canvas. Make the swords sharper. Build more vivid worlds. They discarded songs that were not compelling enough to land on the finished album and then chiseled the remainder for the major part of a year. Realmbuilder was determined to make a record that was superior to their debut, an album that would surpass even the high expectations of their fans -- a harder, darker album with sharper performances, t'stier riffs, richer production values and wider landscapes. That album is entitled Fortifications of the Pale Architect. It is the ambitious and mature follow-up to their acclaimed debut, and the members of the band stand confidently behind it. Blow the ancient horn! Limited to 400 copies.

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