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RAVENCULT - Morbid Blood
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RAVENCULT - Morbid Blood (CD)

Last Copies! Greece | Black
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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LAST COPIES FOUND HIDDEN AWAY! Comes with an 8-page booklet with lyrics & tons of art.

The circle of ungodliness marks its return! Proving there's still creative life left in the abyss of uncanny black/thrash metal, on second album "Morbid Blood," Greece's RAVENCULT fuck with the paradigm and twist it to their own devilish design. From diabolical thrashing to grim, coruscating gnarliness, RAVENCULT evade easy categorization and channel the forces of uttermost darkness into a unique yet deadly serious soundfield, literally bleeding "Morbid Blood," offering all worshippers of the occult new avenues into Death's innermost secrets. Give the Devil his due and submit to RAVENCULT!

Recommended for diehards of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, old WATAIN, NIFELHEIM and early FUNERAL MIST

_ "Raw and nasty, Ravencult's second album presents a vicious approach to black metal that lands gloriously between the heavy metal blackthrash of NIFELHEIM and the occult abyssal terror of FUNERAL MIST. It's a heady mix, and the Greek terrorists pull it off in style. Steering a steady path between clenched-fist hatred and psychedelic mystery, the backbone of the band is a penchant for simplistic riffs that demand attention. Underscored by pounding riotous percussion, owing more to MOTORHEAD than anything else, a huge sense of implacable momentum builds throughout the album. Snarling vocals, somewhat reminiscent of Arioch in their bilious pride and wild desperation, ensure that the more twisted spiralling moments never stray into fully introspective territory but remain thrashing and brutal" -Zero Tolerance

_ "Sometimes you just want to have your head caved in. In that, Greece's Ravencult do so quite nicely on their second album, Morbid Blood, with just plain ol' balls-out-fast black metal. Fast riffing with a pace that alternates between all-out blasts and a few mid-paced passages, loud, rancid vocals, and some really good songwriting all back up a brutal assault on Morbid Blood, an album that makes no pretense except that it exists to tear your head off" -About.com [A- rating]

_ "Oh my god, shoot me now. This is such a crushing release, it is beyond belief. Riffs from the depths of hell and vocals that Satan would love. This band mix in the best of old-school speed metal and black metal to spew out some of the most violent, vicious music I have heard in years. This just took me on a ride that I never wanted to get off. The guitar sound the band use on this is unholy, and the sound, feeling and power is unreal. This band sound as tight as a hot chick in tight-ass jeans, let me tell you. The production also has that raw killer feel, and this just plain kills" -Metalcore Fanzine

_ "There's passion in this record...You can simply tell that these guys want Morbid Blood to be your soundtrack on the long train ride to hell" -Popdose.com

_ "A thick, writhing tone and a slew of memorable-enough riff attacks that succeed in slamming the listener through a brick wall from the sheer level of hostility alone. This is not the black metal of the cold woods at night. You can't see your own breath in it. The wolves have turned in for the evening. No, this is more like a street fight through perdition, a brawl in the ritual chamber, a muscle car with a potent engine that spews only diabolical exhaust in its wake...sure to thrill fans of NIFELHEIM, GEHENNA or BEWITCHED...has a solid mid-range tone which allows the guitars to shine off like fresh bloodstains against the treacherous presence of Linos. The vocals are basically your standard snarling, but then I couldn't imagine what else might really work over such sinister guitars. An almost-incessant, virile energy keeps it spry and entertaining for much of the 40 minute length...should have genre purists rolling in their guts, a fortified series of stab wounds that won't heal too quickly" -From the Dust Returned webzine

_ "Ravencult has taken some major steps forward on Morbid Blood and are much more distinguishable from the rest of the Greek black metal scene than before...highly recommended to those that enjoy the harsher and faster side of this style" -Cosmosgaming.com

_ "Actually quite a solid release. With their second album, Ravencult have added some excellent elements to their music. The press-sheet picks the influences well: what we get is the choruses of NIFELHEIM; we got the punky blackthrash of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS and plenty of FUNERAL MIST moments. These main influences are ever-present. This is great, and the band really delivers" -MetalTeamUK.net

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