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RASPBERRY BULBS - Nature Tries Again (12" LP)

United States | Black/Punk
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"Special Packaging" edition is also on white vinyl & limited to 100 copies.

Black metal kind of falls into two camps ? the funereal kind that'sounds almost like it's been rotting in a tomb for a few decades before we get to hear it, or the sort that's so fast you have to check the speed on yer turntable to be certain. Both are valid and both categorized by the treble-heavy growl and Scandinavian fet'shism, and US Raspberry Bulbs definitely fall into the faster category. Black metal?s roots are in hardcore punk, and the Bulbs aren?t afraid to wear this influence on their sleeves. Sure, previous US acts have done similar ? Bone Awl for instance write merciless hardcore BM that'some say could break the faces of children from ten miles away, but Raspberry Bulbs seem even more punk than metal at times. Sure there?s the snarl that categorizes the genre, but there are songs, there is musicianship and there?s a hardcore lilt to the music that almost wrenches you out of your seat. Somehow ?Nature Tries Again? doesn?t'sound so internalized, so doomed by decadence; instead it is music to tear down walls, kick through windows and determinedly not drink, smoke or take drugs to. Saying this, I?ve had the record on three times now ? just don?t tell the neighbors it was me OK? Highly recommended."--Boomkat

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