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United States | Black/Death/Thrash

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Review On Dec 8, 2008 by Anonymous of Dallas, TX
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Title: Quinta Essentia Archetypal Transformation
Comments: This band has the ability to construct and compose epic songs that are of the highest complexity available in the metal world and stay catchy when they intend to. Fans of simple music might be confused. This band is from the Southern US and this release is extremely impressive. Vocals are harsh but clearly spoken as to distinguish lyrics. Clean Vocals appear in each song in a part or so and are haunting and well executed. The mix is clear and the double guitar intricacies come through as well as the bass but could use a little cleaning up. A good drummer but sounds like he needed more time with the songs to stay with the complex riffage. The double guitar work is amazing. Rhythms included are some of the most well thought out technically inclined I have ever heard. Many great and

QUINTA ESSENTIA - Archetypal Transformation QUINTA ESSENTIA - Archetypal Transformation (CD)
United States | Black/Death/Thrash
$9.99 $3.33
QUINTA ESSENTIA - Initiates Of The Great Work QUINTA ESSENTIA - Initiates Of The Great Work (CD)
United States | Black/Death/Thrash




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