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PERVERSOR - Demon Metal
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PERVERSOR - Demon Metal (CD)

Chile | Blackened Death/Thrash
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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Comes with a 10-page booklet featuring illustrations & lyrics for each track.


The mid '80s are alive... in 2010! Already a cult name in the underground, on their latest "Demon Metal" mini album PERVERSOR take the evil surge of classic German blackthrash and bolster it with chaotic undercurrents of archaic Brazilian bestiality. However, these Chilean troops of doom are no "retro" joke band, as they're more than able to stand ground with modern bands like Revenge and Diocletian in terms of ultraviolence. Fuck your goofy neo-"thrash" - PERVERSOR bleed leather, spikes, and SATANIC METAL!!!

  • "Doesn't cease for a moment...rips you in half in under 20 minutes...Perversor do an excellent job of pissing on whatever 'thrash revival' may be happening in other metal circles. This is extreme metal in the classic sense...filthy black thrash meant to destroy anything in its way"
    - Forbidden-Magazine.com
  • "Sounds like a bastard child of BATHORY's under-mixed Return and SODOM's Witching Metal demo, both highly-regard releases, if not the picture of audio perfection...a wall of sound bordering on the haunting and malevolent. The production is what one might expect from a mid-'80s thrash band on a budget, but it's the charm of such a sound that highlights a release like this...Perversor has the makings of a band that can reach legendary status in the black-thrash area with fast-paced hymns for Beelzebub released in rapid succession like this"
    - MetalPsalter.com
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