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United States | Death/Thrash

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Review On Oct 28, 2011 by stix chizzler of detroit, MI
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Title: anguish perversion split
Comments: this record caught me off guard!! these two bands offer up some of the best metal/punk since the 80s! this is a big title to carry, and anguish do it with ease! pulling off great crust metal sounding somewhere in the middle of venom amebix ang age(japan)! with tiny hints of hard rock.. perversion crash in on this release with such a heavy raw sound that i checked when and where it was recorded 3 times!! and, well, this is not actually from germany in 1985 you will swear it was! do i hear a little hadez(peru) in the riffing? but this is pure german thrash in the dirty tradition of sodom destruction and kreator! so buy this record and go check out whats going on in detroit its like madmax town up there and they have the insane post apocolyptic metal/punk bands to prove it! HUH!

PERVERSION - Archaic Death Metal PERVERSION - Archaic Death Metal (MCD)
United States | Death/Thrash




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