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ONSLAUGHT - Power From Hell (12" LP)

United Kingdom | Thrash
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Simple truth no. 1: There are classic albums that simply must be available. Always. On vinyl, of course. That truly accounts for the first full-length album by legendary U.K.-thrashers Onslaught, whose debut from 1985 is counted among the most influential cult classics of the nascent thrash metal scene.

Onslaught first started out as a punk outfit, heavily influenced by bands like Discharge and G.B.H. on the one hand, and more metallic acts such as Mot?rhead, Exodus, Slayer and Venom on the other hand. 'Power From Hell' does not betray these roots, being as filthy, mean and aggressive as it gets. On this early release raw punk riffing meets satanic evilness, while Paul Mahoney delivers strangled vocals that come straight from the hellish depths of your local squat's manky cellar, totally reflecting the spirit of a time when music was not labelled but lived.

Seen from the perspective of metal history, 'Power From Hell' is all the more important for another reason: It was here that founding member Nige Rocket coined the term 'Death Metal' for the very first time. Anyone objecting to this shall be remembered that Possessed recorded 'Seven Churches' a month after the release of 'Power from Hell'!

Back in the days, many a reviewer of 'Power From Hell' was bursting with enthusiasm, choosing it as album of the year and giving it all the praise and recognition it deserved. That's no big surprise, as the album contained a number of thrash metal anthems-to-be, among them 'Onslaught (Power From Hell)', 'Angels of Death' and the above mentioned 'Death Metal'.

Onslaught reformed in 2004 and are still making their mark on the thrash metal scene, but if you want to know where it all began, get your share of 'Power from Hell'!

Ulrike Schmitz

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