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OCTOBER 31 - Bury The Hatchet (12" LP)

United States | Heavy
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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Pressed on Colored Vinyl, Black Vinyl and German Flag Striped Vinyl exclusive to High Roller Records in Germany. We have very few copies of the German Flag edition. Comes with a lyrics insert.

At long last, the wait is over: OCTOBER 31 deliver their long-awaited fourth album, Bury the Hatchet. The band's first album in nine years, Bury the Hatchet sees OCTOBER 31 returning with a vengeance, firing off one mean, lean headbanger after another. Led by erstwhile DECEASED frontman/founder King Fowley, here OCTOBER 31 range their entire repertoire, which goes all the way back to the mid '90s: from thrashing-like-a-maniac attacks to heart-pumping speed metal missiles and plenty of traditional metal in between, Bury the Hatchet is varied, dynamic, and immediately memorable HEAVY METAL to the bloody, glorious end. However, OCTOBER 31 are far, far beyond "retro" retread; the band entirely comprises 100% dyed-in-the-wool metal maniacs, including ex-Overlord shredder Brian "Hellstorm" Williams and bassist Jim Hunter of epic metal legends While Heaven Wept and Twisted Tower Dire. Ten tracks and nearly 42 minutes, Bury the Hatchet doesn't overstay its welcome, and buries itself deep into your metal heart.

A statement from vocalist King Fowley reads: "The new album is finally done, and we are very, very pleased with the results. LOUD FUCKING HEAVY METAL is what the witch's cauldron is a'brewing! So drink up, ye olde metal muthas - DRINK UP!!!"

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OCTOBER 31 - Bury The Hatchet OCTOBER 31 - Bury The Hatchet (CD)
United States | Heavy
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