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NUCLEAR DEATH - 5 Years Of Death (12" 4x LP)

United States | Grind/Death
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The Crypt is proud to re-issue the first two albums from Arizona's cult Death metal act, NUCLEAR DEATH, Bride of Insect and Carrion for Worm. Both releases will be luxurious double vinyl sets with new liner not's, classic band phot's and original artwork. Bride of Insect will feature the "Wake Me When I'm Dead" 1986 demo and "Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid" 1987 demo. Carrion for Worm will feature "A Symphony of Agony" 1987 demo and the "Vultures Feeding" 1988 demo.

Forged in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona, Nuclear Death were one of the few bands in the genre with a female vocalist, Lori Bravo. Their style was compared to the likes Impetigo, Blasphemy, Autopsy, Deceased, and Repulsion. Their first demo, Wake Me When I'm Dead, was released later that'same year, receiving positive reviews from American and overseas zines. They were notable as at the time very few thrash metal art'sts had female singers. In 1991, the band released their more controversial work, entitled Carrion for Worm, which features vocals by Autopsy's Chris Reifert on two songs.

This ultimate edition will be strictly limited to a one time only pressing of 666 hand-numbered copies - 222 of which will be classic black vinyl. These killer slabs of wax come housed in 2 separate jackets with UV High Gloss Varnish, featuring the both of the original Wild Rags covers and layouts. Also included will be a 12 page- zine styled booklet with classic flyers, exclusive band phot's, classic interviews, new liner not's by Lori Bravo and an introduction by Michele "Mick" t'scan / The Nuclear Abominations rag! Each gatefold will contain a huge poster of each respective original cover artwork.

Both gatefolds come housed in an amazing, heavy gauge case wrapped, hand numbered box.

1-12 : Bride of Insect album 1990
13-17 : Wake Me When I'm Dead demo 1986
18-21 : Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid demo 1987
23-34 : Carrion For Worm album LP 1991
35-42 : A Symphony of Agony demo 1987
43-46 : Vultures Feeding demo 1988

LP 1
1. Necrobestiality
2. Corpse of Allegiance
3. Feral Viscera
4. Stygian Tranquility
5. Place of Skulls
6. Cremation
7. The Colour of Blood
8. The Beloved Whore Celebration
9. Feral Lament: Homesick
10. Bride of Insect
11. The Mishappen Horror
12. Vultures Feeding

LP 2
1. Shrieking Terror
2. The Seventh Nun
3. Lockjaw
4. Rigor Mort's
5. Nuclear Death
6. Necrobestiality
7. Cremation
8. The Third Antichrist
9. On Behalf of the Beast
10. A Dark Country

LP 3
1. Spawn Song
2. The Human Seed
3. Proposing to the Impaled
4. Moribund
5. Green Flies
6. Return of the Feasting Witch
7. A Dark Country
8. Lurker in the Closet: A "Fairy" Tale
9. Cathedral of Sleep
10. Homage ot Morpheus
11. Carrion for Worm
12. Vampirism

LP 4
1. Necrobestiality (live)
2. Prolong the Agony (live)
3. Rigor Mort's (live)
4. Shreiking Terror (rehearsal)
5. Corpse of Allegiance (rehearsal)
6. The Seventh Nun (rehearsal)
7. Necrobestiality (rehearsal)
8. Prolong the Agony (rehearsal)
9. Corpse of Allegiance
10. Prolong the Agony
11. The Colour of Blood
12. Vultures Feeding

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