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NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration
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NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration (12" Gatefold LP w/ Booklet)

United States | Black/Death
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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OUT NOW ON HHR: Pressed on black vinyl only, all copies come in a Gatefold cover with UV spot gloss & booklet.

Unrelentingly Morbid Black Death Metal, the ancient returns with his highly anticipated full-length debut "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration." Deflowering the goat vulva, dripping viscous black blood, NOCTURNAL BLOOD pries open the very maw of hell itself and peers deeply into its sweltering depths: essentially, this is the sound of Devastated Graves. Pulsing, pummeling, awe-inspiring primal power... partake in The Morbid Celebration!

INFLUENCES: Beherit-Lord Diabolus-Goat Vulva, Blasphemy, Von, Demoncy, Impurity, Hellhammer, Belial



This is the record I wanted Teitanblood's Seven Chalices to be. I usually avoid such direct comparisons, as they're often insular and uninformative. But this is such a strong case of unfulfilled potential now fulfilled that I can't help it.

Seven Chalices came hyped as the most feral death metal to come along in ages. (I liked it well enough at the time.) It sort of was _ a bloody mess spawned from Beherit, Bathory, and early German thrash. But it was too much, with portentous atmospheric interludes and production that sounded like a wind tunnel. It was certainly intense, but it was basically noise. I'd rather hear metal.

That's what I get with Devastated Graves _ The Morbid Celebration (Hells Headbangers, 2010), the debut album from Nocturnal Blood. It has Teitanblood's aura of splatter, but a warmer, less over-the-top sound that results in more power. Actual riffs and actual drums are audible, and the vocals, while reverb-soaked, have more definition. For this style of metal, the mix is surprisingly "good". It's filthy, yet gives each instrument room to flex.

So instead of blind fury, the result is purposeful. Vocals incant with clipped cadences. Whammied leads arc overhead, leaving smoke trails. The package lacks printed lyrics, but titles like "Chaos Mass" and "Ritual Lust" have clear intent. Overall, the effect is of carpet-bombing, an occult version of Repulsion, if that makes sense.

Unbelievably, one guy is responsible for all this, a "Ghastly Apparition" from Fontana, CA. Fontana is in San Bernardino County, which has a reputation as an armpit (meth, crime, foreclosures). A lot of Christian hardcore/metal comes from the area. How did this unholy racket emerge from it? Maybe it's logical that it did, like with Florida death metal in the '90s. There's a story there I'd like to find out.


  • "If you prefer your black metal abound with sugarcoated synths, this is most certainly not for you. On the other hand, if you prefer your black metal primitive and downright dripping with filth, something akin to BEHERIT and BLASPHEMY, then look no further...There's no technical garbage here, little variation. The chances are if you are a fan of this type of music, ARCHGOAT, BEHERIT, MORBOSIDAD, TEITANBLOOD and such like that, it's exactly how you expect it. This isn't black/death metal for the weak-willed. If you're looking for originality and technicality, then you're looking down the wrong road; if you like your music putrid and with an extremely ominous and absolutely evil atmosphere, this is sure to please" -Metalcrypt.com [5/5 rating]

  • "Primitive is certainly an appropriate adjective to use when referring to Nocturnal Blood; atavistic is another. The music is simple, ugly and somewhat shamanistic, as well, in its ritual-obsessed delivery...There is a gnarly and suffocating darkness to Nocturnal Blood's music that evokes BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT and, much to Ghastly Apparition's surprise, a hint of DARKTHRONE's Soulside Journey" -Zero Tolerance

  • "Blasting open slabs of dusted stone and calling the ancient dead to rise are California's Nocturnal Blood. Delivering an endless procession of souls unto the darkness of the Devil, Nocturnal Blood's anticipated full-length album, Devastated Graves -The Morbid Celebration, is an uncontrollable and impulsive attack of black death in the name of all that is bestial and profane" -Forbidden Magazine

  • "The first thing that rips your ears off is the deliberately grimy production, but that works wonders for the insane, fast, heavy, grindish death metal madness that sends a spike through your earholes...It's this kind of production homage to old-school tape-trading underground days that makes this so interesting. Lots of people do death metal and it's always sick to one degree or another, but not everybody can go for this level of stomach- deep throw up sick-sick-sick...So why am I ranting about the production? Why am I raving about this? Because it makes the deliriously sick music sound even better. That's why!" -Corazine.com


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