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NEKROFILTH - Devil's Breath (12" LP w/ Poster)

United States | Death/Thrash/Crossover
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BACK IN STOCK! This 2nd pressing features altered cover artwork and is pressed on Vomit Splattered vinyl. Traditional black vinyl will also be available. Comes with a with lyrics insert & 18" x 24" poster of the cover artwork!

Cleveland filth-bangers NEKROFILTH might've made a foul 'n' furious impression with their Worship Destruction 2008 demo that was re-released by HELLS HEADBANGERS, but with their debut album Devil's Breath, NEKROFILTH have truly come into their own as one of the meanest, dirtiest metal bands around. Led by founding degenerate Zack Rose (previously of CRUCIFIED MORTALS & NUNSLAUGHTER), NEKROFILTH's debut album mainlines - and MEANLY - raging old-school thrash, hardcore-punk, and grind into a cantankerous-yet-catchy fist to the face of all that's kind and clean...as if song titles like "Junkie Cunt," "Smear the Sleaze," "Volcanic Zit," and "Scum Freak" already didn't say enough. So many bands dare to be "extreme," but very few deliver the goods. NEKROFILTH, on the other hand, uniquely sound more extreme than those "extreme" posers and, more importantly, like little else currently going on in the metal underground: this is the smell of Devil's Breath! Recommended for diehards of NME, SLAUGHTER (Canada), REPULSION, and early ABSCESS.

"The fusion of death and thrash metal influences in their style at times also reminds one of death metal-influenced crust bands such as NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR or a death metal version of OPPOSITION PARTY. There are even moments on the record where the speed and heaviness are rather reminiscent of bands like SLAYER...whatever the lyrics Zack may be spitting out on the record, the band manages to ensure that the listener is constantly kept engaged with the high-quality music that the band writes...Each of the songs on Devil?s Breath is short and sweet, extremely suitable for those with short attention spans, yet long enough for the band to leave an impression on the listener...an impressive effort, and with the energetic punkish riffs mashed with the death and thrash influences, Devil?s Breath is a record that would capture the hearts of punk and metal fans alike" - Heavymetaltribune.com

"Trying to specify the genre of the repulsive contents of this album will do no one any good, because the 13 tracks are an unholy merging of extreme metal that simply needs to be enjoyed rather than dissected and over-analyzed...Nekrofilth are undoubtedly going to be compared to NUNSLAUGHTER, which isn't an entirely unfair comparison, just shortsighted. This group of vandals does have an identity of their own: the lyrical content isn't dead-set on annihilating Christians or raping nuns; instead, the songs are centered on subjects like fucking junkies and wanting to see others mercilessly terminated. Rose's savage vocals are what really bring the horrid lyrics to life, though, and as he spews the words with such anger and disgust, the listener can't help but feel dirty at the end of each track ('Smear the Sleaze' in particular), truly doing the band's name justice. The production on the Devil's Breath is also stellar, not taking away any of the foulness to the riffs and overall aura of the music...Having gruesome lyrics and inhumane vocals isn't enough to create the gut-wrenching sound that is prevalent throughout the record. Luckily, the rhythm section brings their A-game to breathe some undead life into the tracks. The riffs are bludgeoning when they're going at full speed, and are even more crushing when the tempo slows...Listening to Nekrofilth's latest collection of putrid material is more than likely what if feels like to be slaughtered by the devil himself, and is not for those who choose to pose. If you aren't feeling somewhat violated after listening to this opus of filth, then you weren't meant to survive the devil's breath" - Skull Fracturing Metal webzine

"With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Nekrofilth blast their way out of Cleveland, Ohio like the bastard son of REPULSION, BLOOD DUSTER, and MASSACRE that contracted tourettes, ADHD, and syphilis on the way to the liquor store. In theory, they shouldn?t work; in truth they are a very fucking entertaining band, with an uncanny knack of knocking out death/thrash riffs which many deadly serious bands would give their right arm for...This is an album I have come back to many times since first hearing it, and not for any novelty factor, but because, as a very heavy metal album, it rips me a new one every time...f you want something to top the night off after 20 pints and a bugle-full of poppers, then Devil?s Breath will fit the bill nicely, safe in the knowledge that the spirit of [THE MENTORS'] El Duce is nodding approvingly" - Uberrock.co.uk

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United States | Death/Thrash/Crossover




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