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NECROMESSIAH - Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad

NECROMESSIAH - Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad (12" Deluxe LP)

Italy | Black (early)
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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ALL COPIES are pressed on BLACK Vinyl only with an illustrious enormous fold-out inverted cross LP size cover.

NECROMESSIAH's second full length is a crushing statement of savage, sacrilegious intent - a declaration of all-out war against pathetic organised religion. Spewing forth ten potent portions of hellish black/thrash metal, 'Anticlerical Terroristik Death Squad' is the antidote to divinity. Marching forward with raging, furious & deadly intent, these corrupt conspiracies exist to rape and pillage the church, mercilessly invading all those who dare enter. Swarming vengeance, chaotic wrath and focused ferocity combine to create an onslaught of relentless power and irresistible might. Chopping, crunching chords provide the soundtrack to the final obliteration of false worship as God's fake presence on earth is pulverised amid a maelstrom of devastating satanic terror. Finally the mighty vinyl edition is unleashed (to finish off the survivors), this filthy fucking feast offers no sanctuary to the weak.

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FOR FANS OF: Venom, Motorhead, Impaled Nazarene, Celtic Frost

1. Intro (Vatican burning)
2. Atomic Bloodshed
3. Marching For Hell
4. Christ-Crushing Black Metal
5. Terror Squad
6. 666 Necroalkolterrorist
7. In The Name of God Let The Churches Burn
8. Fukking Bastard God
9. Evil Prophets
10. Total Blasphemy

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