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NASTROND - From A Black Funeral Coffin
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NASTROND - From A Black Funeral Coffin (CD)

Sweden | Black
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LABEL : Cryptia
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Features new versions of From a Black Funeral Coffin and On Black Winter Thrones redone in 2002 (as well as Northern Realm of Black Frost which is really a slightly shorter version of ...Funeral Coffin). These versions are very interesting since they remain very true to the originals while making the strange sounding riffs appear even more alien at times. They further enhance this by applying some well done creepy as hell background synths at appropriate times.

And yet it soon becomes apparent that there is more to this band than aping the Norse greats. The melodic tremolo riffs progress in decidedly odd ways and hit some very strange notes in the middle or end of certain guitar phrases, something which gets more noticeable the further you get into this release where nearly every riff is somehow different than how it ought to be. It's almost impossible to pinpoint how or why this is, but it's definitely consistent throughout this entire demo and certainly intentional; you can hear they are not just randomly playing chords; the off-beatness is deliberate. The drumming too has this bizarreness, pounding away before either producing fills that are just slightly off or accentuating the hidden bestial nature of this music with some deep bass-drum hits that remind me very much of Beherit's early work. And the vocals are downright psychotic. For almost the entire length of the demo Draugr snarls and screams like a lunatic beast. While technically the vocalist sounds like a generic bm-singer, he outdoes most of them in sheer intensity and viciousness. He sounds downright rabid!

So this is almost typical early Scandinavian black metal with all manner of sinister twists and demonic intensity, where nearly every part is somehow wrong' yet perfectly right in their own way. This nearly occult strangeness was carried over into their later full-lengths and perfected on their magnum opus Age of Fire which ranks as one of the most esoteric releases in my collection. But this demo already carried that quality in a more primitive form."

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