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MUTILATOR - Immortal Force
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MUTILATOR - Immortal Force [Greyhaze Records] (CD w/ Bonus Tracks)

Brazil | Death/Thrash
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LABEL : Cogumelo / Greyhaze
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Tracks 10 & 11 taken from the 1986 Grave Desecration demo.

Released in 1987, Mutilator's Immortal Force quickly became one of the most sought-after Death Metal albums in Brazilian Metal. Savage and unpredictable, Immortal Force will please fans of early Brazilian Metal as well as those into Black Witchery, Beherit, and early Sepultura.

In the rich tapestry of Brazilian metal, Mutilator stands tall alongside the trinity of Vulcano, Sepultura, and Sarcófago. While perhaps not as widely known, this thrash/death metal outfit made a significant impact, carving their own niche in the extreme metal scene. Their sophomore album, "Immortal Force," showcases a band with one foot in the death metal genre, resulting in a compelling and contrastive thrash/death metal record.

Mutilator, while sounding slightly less avant-garde compared to their counterparts, brings a refreshing perspective to the genre. The incorporation of blastbeat sections, while prevalent, takes on a different character within the album's thrash-like context. The razor-sharp guitar tone, more aligned with thrash metal, adds a distinctive layer, and Kelber's vehement shouts, though one-dimensional, diverge from the expected baritone bark, providing a unique vocal dynamic.

The album's noteworthy feature is the infusion of death metal riffs, lending "Immortal Force" a distinctive edge. These death metal elements, at their best, inject a diabolic fury that sets the album apart. Tracks like the title track and "Paranoiac Command" channel the spirit of early Sepultura, reminiscent of the Bestial Devastation era. The hellish riffs and thrashing intensity create a rollercoaster journey into the underworld, evoking a pleasant surprise for fans of that era.

However, the album's occasional contrast between death metal and thrash metal elements introduces a degree of schizophrenia. While not resulting in filler songs, this contrast makes "Immortal Force" a dynamic yet somewhat disjointed experience. Tracks like "Memorial Stone Without a Name" and "Bloodstorm" showcase the band's ability to navigate between ominous death metal riffing and thrash metal rhythms, creating an intriguing but occasionally challenging listening experience.

At its core, "Immortal Force" may not reach the same extremes or historical influence as its more prominent Brazilian counterparts. Nevertheless, it offers a satisfying blend of brutal thrash and early death metal, with moments of diabolical intensity that should appeal to fans of both genres. Mutilator, true to their name, ensures that their sonic assault causes more than just auditory impact—prepare for neck pain, and revel in the relentless force they bring to the table.

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