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MORBID - Year Of The Goat (12" TRIPLE LP)

Sweden | Thrash/Death
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Swedish cult act Morbid have teamed up with Century Media Records to release Year Of The Goat, a 100% official LP and CD offering covering the seminal band's first demo December Moon plus live and rehearsal recordings. 20 years after the demise of Per Yngve Ohlin (Dead)

Year Of The Goat is a historical anthology of the Swedish Death and Black Metal pioneers. Almost three years in the making, Year Of The Goat was put together by Morbid's bass player in direct cooperation with the other band members. Cover artwork and entire layout by Erik Danielsson of Watain. Extensive historical overview written by Daniel Ekeroth, author of the Swedish Death Metal book. The definitive Morbid release. 100% official. For the first time. For the last time! (2011)

1. My Dark Subconscious
2. Wings Of Funeral
3. From The Dark
4. Disgusting Semla
5. My Dark Subconscious [rehearsal]
6. Wings Of Funeral [rehearsal]
7. Tragic Dream / From The Dark [rehearsal]
8. Citythrasher [rehearsal]
9. Deathexecution [rehearsal]
10. Disgusting Semla [rehearsal]

11. Intro - Crucifix Masturbation
12. My Dark Subconscious
13. Deathexecution
14. Wings Of Funeral
15. Citythrasher (Schnabelk?se)
16. Necrodead
17. Tragic Dream
18. Disgusting Semla
19. From The Dark
20. Wings Of Funeral
21. Deathexecution
22. From The Dark
23. Necrodead
24. Disgusting Semla
25. Wings Of Funeral
26. Citythrasher
27. Deathexecution
28. My Dark Subconscious
29. Necrodead

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