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MEDIEVAL DEMON - Demonolatria
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MEDIEVAL DEMON - Demonolatria (CD)

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LABEL : Unisound
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A killer CULT album (dedicated to D.A.F. De Sade!) with excellent concepts, themes, titles, etc.-- on Unisound Records?!?! Enter first through the spooky (totally effective!) 'Phantom Of the Opera' type pipe-organ intro & howling wolves, then prepare for blasting solid Basic Black Metal with atmospheric keyboards straight out of Euronymous-era Mayhem! Pure Bathory 'Return...' & 'Under the Sign...'-styled grinding attack: basic & raw, but NOT primitive! With ritualistic keyboard & ACOUSTIC VIOLIN breaks for that fully melancholy & majestic, but UNHOLY ambience! This is text-book elite Nordic-influenced Black Metal with the racing, thoroughly brutal & grinding speedy Thrash accented with heavy mid-tempo Celtic Frost-ish parts like early Emperor's 'Wrath of the Tyrant' or classic Darkthrone's 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky'!!! No shit-- why isn't there more stuff like this? Truly refreshing for a non-trendy & CULT (almost abandoned by now) trip!!!
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