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MARDUK - Fuck Me Jesus (12" MLP)

Sweden | Black
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Revel in the reissue on 12" 140g vinyl, featuring side B adorned with silkscreened artwork. Encased in a printed innersleeve on 220g paper, the jacket boasts a sturdy 350g construction, all meticulously assembled and housed in a protective PVC overbag. Choose from an array of vinyl colors to enhance your collection:

*Orange Vinyl
*Deep Purple Vinyl
*Sea Blue Vinyl
*Magenta Vinyl

Behold the notorious demo that propelled Swedish black metal into the grim spotlight decades ago! Unleashing a malevolence nastier and uglier than the prevalent death metal of its time, 'Fuck Me Jesus' solidified MARDUK's unholy presence with unbridled vengeance. From its raspy, scathing vocals to drums echoing like thundering death and a guitar sound that spews forth pure blackness, 'Fuck Me Jesus' boasts an unparalleled sonic malevolence. A veritable must-have for devout MARDUK enthusiasts, this classic gem invites true maniacs of the underground black/death scene to revisit its unholy embrace. LET JESUS FUCK YOU!

1. Intro: Fuck Me Jesus 00:38
2. Departure from the Mortals 03:19
3. The Black... 04:05
4. Within the Abyss 03:39
5. Outro: Shut Up and Suffer 00:59

Total play time: 12:40

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