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MAKE LIEVONEN - Make Lievonen (12" LP)

Finland | Progressive/Jazz
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Not available for almost four decades, now there finally is a reissue of 'Make Lievonen's' only solo-album (1977). The line-up features a plethora of talented players from the era's jazz and prog rock circles. It's a miraculously superlative album of all-instrumental progressive jazz-rock, like a cross between Moose Loose and Bo Hansson maybe, just the right mix of originality and accessibility-- the former to satisfy the jaded long-standing music listener's need for newness, the latter to get the right emotional kick. In the overall sound it is most like the Hiro Yanagida albums. This stuff just feels like a power outlet plugged directly into my soul, that could be used to power up streetlights from here to downtown, it can't but make you happy and wholesome. The greatness of this album is the way the composer has fit the music to the vignettes so perfectly.

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