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MACABRE - Dahmer (12" Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

United States | Thrash/Death/Grind
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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Pressed on picture disc vinyl and colored vinyl with silkscreened artwork on side D. Both versions come in a gatefold jacket.

In a catalog rich with such classics as Gloom, Murder Metal, and especially Sinister Slaughter, it was Dahmer where MACABRE truly transcended their genre and especially their patented, highly individual sound. Released as the new millennium kicked off, Dahmer saw MACABRE tackle their most ambitious project yet: an entire album lyrically/conceptually devoted to one of the world's most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer. Although MACABRE had long been obsessed with serial killers and put their twisted tales into diabolic death metal form, Dahmer chronologically charted its namesake's life, death, and of corpse, his many deathly deeds between then. But it was not simply the lyricism that impressed - rather, the music across Dahmer absolutely amazed and bloodily bewildered. At 26 tracks, each one catchier and more crazed than the last, Dahmer displayed MACABRE as masters of a manic maelstrom that combine death metalled assault 'n' battery with a freewheeling, nursery-rhymed insanity that's chilling and FUN in equal measures. Longtime fans of the band and especially this record, HELLS HEADBANGERS proudly presents MACABRE's bloody classic Dahmer on picture disc format for the very first time & re-issue the regular LP on splatter wax as it rightfully deserves! If the album's namesake were alive today, he'd agree that a more fitting collaboration could not be found!

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