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LIFELOVER - Dekadens (12" LP)

Sweden | Black/Depressive Rock
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Re-issue on black, brown, brown splatter, and picture LP vinyl, limited to 300 copies. 350g cover with printed 220g inner sleeve. Exclusive U.S. distribution through Hells Headbangers.

Out now: three beautiful vinyl reissues of classic albums from LIFELOVER, one of Stockholm's bleakest bands. Dekadens, Pulver and Erotik deliver masterfully written songs that are the absolute musical embodiment of isolation and utter sadness, with an edge of depravity thrown in for good measure. Lucky for us, Osmose Productions has carved these dispirting, sorrow-drenched albums back onto vinyl just in time to remind us all how pointless and crappy our lives really are. Quantities are limited, so grab your copies quick, or plan on returning to your Prozac-induced, waking nightmare in silence...

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