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KRISIUN - Conquerors Of Armageddon (12" Gatefold LP)

Brazil | Death
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HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present KRISIUN's classic third album, Conquerors of Armageddon, on vinyl LP format again. Pressed on Halloween orange/brown swirl vinyl, black vinyl and only 100 copies on picture disc. All variants come in a gatefold cover.

KRISIUN require no introduction. For over 30 years now, the power-trio have come to define Brazilian death metal, and are among the country’s most renown and influential bands - rivaling the likes of Sarcofago and early Sepultura, even. However, it is KRISIUN’s first three albums - Black Force Domain, Apocalyptic Revelation, and Conquerors of Armageddon – that are the band’s most legendary recordings, unmatched and unrivalled in their extremity, intensity, and sheer evil. KRISIUN continue to be an unstoppable force to this day, but this unholy trilogy of albums remains the band’s most beloved, and for good reason.

Originally released in 2000, Conquerors of Armageddon capped a run of albums that made KRISIUN legendary within the international death metal scene. In fact, the trio could’ve broken up following its release and their name would still be spoken in reverential tones today. Thankfully, the KRISIUN at the dawn of the new millennium kept dominating barriers and brought the band to a massive level of recognition otherwise unattainable to music this unremittingly savage and evil. Following widespread touring across the world, Conquerors of Armageddon saw KRISIUN link up with Century Media – one of the very biggest metal labels, where they’ve remained to this day – and it saw them deliver one of the most mesmerizing statements of death metal ever committed to tape. Granted, you could say their Black Force Domain was the most evil and follow-up Apocalyptic Revelation the most crushing, but Conquerors of Armageddon sought a savagery that was martial and hypnotic, labyrinthine and monolithic. In short, it was high ART sent from the sulfurous pits of Hell.

Longtime fans of KRISIUN’s classic early work, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to conspire with the band to bring back Conquerors of Armageddon on regular vinyl format for the first time in over five years. Experience the legend the way it was meant to be heard - on vinyl, straight from the underground!

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