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NAKED WHIPPER - Painstreaks
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NAKED WHIPPER - Painstreaks (12" LP on Black Vinyl)

Germany | Black/Grindcore
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LABEL : Iron Bonehead
YEAR : 2022
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350gsm Jacket with inside flooded in black and matt varnish - 140g Black vinyl - 4 page Booklet on 250gsm art paper - A2 Poster on 150gsm art paper - Limited to 500 copies.

Naked Whipper, a legendary cult figure in the realm of German Bestial Black Death, introduces their debut album from 1995, originally released on Malodorous Mangled Innards Records. This band, driven by Dominus A.S. (or Alex Schulze, as known to authorities), former vocalist of Blood, delves into some rather unorthodox lyrical themes. However, the music matches the depravity, and it's not for the faint-hearted.

The studio tracks present a cacophony of sound, drawing from old-school grindcore influences like early Napalm Death, Atrocity (US), and Agathocles, blended with the ferocity of black and death metal reminiscent of Blasphemy and early Impaled Nazarene from the early '90s. The songs are relentless, short, and to the point, designed to get the adrenaline surging. This is not an album for those with a taste for intricate compositions or clean production. It's all about an unbridled, throat-grabbing, and Satanic frenzy.

The production, even for 1995, remains exceptionally raw. The guitars sometimes sound thin, particularly in the fast sections where they struggle to contend with the drums. The biggest drawback, however, lies in the percussion, which was recorded using an electronic drum set, resulting in an unnatural, somewhat jarring sound. Had classic drums been used, the album would likely have achieved a more aggressive and immersive sonic quality.

The live section appears almost like an afterthought, perhaps included to extend the overall duration of the album. It feels like a direct recording from the mixing board, lacking the polish of a studio recording. Little imperfections surface here and there. While it adds some length to the album, the live part might not have been a necessary inclusion.

In conclusion, if you revel in bands like Blood, Nuclear Death, early Carcass, Repulsion, or more recent noise-makers like Blasphemophagher and Archagathus, and you can tolerate the raw, unpolished sound, then this album is a wild ride worth experiencing. Just be prepared for your parents and neighbors to have a different opinion, but that's part of the fun!

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