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ATRAMENTUM - Through Fire Everything Is Reborn
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ATRAMENTUM - Through Fire Everything Is Reborn (12" LP on Black Vinyl)

International | Black
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SKU:  02LP9713170333
LABEL : Invictus
YEAR : 2022
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A duo spread now between the UK and Egypt, Atramentum first made their public debut in 2017 with the album Aischrolatry. With Through Fire, Everything is Renewed is Atramentum's gnosis conceived through the Dragon: the revelation that all that may flourish must first be obliterated in flames. The album, whilst sophomoric in chronology, serves as the first truly formulated sonic vision of the band, via the addition of Jehannum (Pensees Nocturnes, Imha Tarikhat) shaping the percussive half of Atramentum. In synthesis with Frater XI's instrumentation and vocals, the second installment of Atramentum's musical veneration is birthed, exhibiting a fathomlessly dark and dizzying artistry rife with damnation and regeneration. This ode to the nightside presents eight rituals of Atramentum's vision of black/death metal, with scything and multihued production courtesy of the esteemed BST (Aosoth, VI, Aborted). A divination of cruelty, beauty, malice, venom, and chthonic coalescence - feel the cleansing burn of Atramentum's Through Fire, Everything is Renewed!

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