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United States | Epic Heavy/Power
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YEAR : 2015
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We are proudly presenting the 5th studio album by the Grandfathers of Epic Heavy Metal, MANILLA ROAD. It was originally released in 1986. The band had just started inserting some METALLICA influence into their classic sound on the previous album "Open The Gates". So coming into this album is a little more sped up from their last effort. Their roots were mostly a hybrid mix of mostly RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, and HAWKWIND. This album is classic MANILLA ROAD. "The Deluge" is a pretty dark album as a whole and a great mix of Epic/Adventurous and Speed. The music was pretty complex, arguably the most complex they wrote up until that point, but it still had the hooks that make up the real magic that is behind MANILLA ROAD. The Deluge to some extent a synthesis, a result close to the perfection represented. Been useful by a very balanced and clear production, one found there of share of more collected compositions, percussion, systematically inhabited by wild melodies (Dementia impetuous in opening, irresistible Divine Victim in connection with our national Jeanne d' Arc, Taken By Storm), in addition compositions more contrasted between fury and melody with the introduction of heroic and dark environments (Shadow In The Black, the masterly trilogy The Deluge). Bonuses are also quite impressive. There are two live versions of more recent date, which were remastered into a unique sound quality. Another delight is a live recording from the 80s, that seemed to be lost forever, but finally rediscovered on an old VHS tape. At the end the exceptional drummer Randy Foxe is put under the spotlight that he deserves.

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