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NUKE - Nuke
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NUKE - Nuke (12" LP on Nuclear Green Vinyl w/ Black Splatter & Poster)

United States | Speed Metal Punk
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SKU:  02LPSALE0202
LABEL : Hells Headbangers
YEAR : 2016
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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS! Pressed nuclear green/yellow marbled vinyl with black splatter and traditional black vinyl. Comes with a lyrics insert. Silver vinyl is sold out.

DELTA CITY MADMEN! Out of the wastes of Detroit comes NUKE and their self-titled debut album for HELLS HEADBANGERS. With a virtual "who's who" of Detroit metal-punk veterans, NUKE embodies the riffing of Restless and Wild alongside the attitude of Violence and Force or Branded and Exiled, but with an added sense of unique melodicism reminiscent of Di'Anno-era Iron Maiden. Whiskey-burned growls and maniacal high shrieks soar, while frantic nuclear divebomb solos explode stylistically somewhere between Kill 'Em All and Exorcist's Nightmare Theater. This isn't some retro-metal outfit comprised of pretty boys; this is ugly music made by ugly metal men from one of the ugliest cities in America.

Riding the buzz of almost two sold-out pressings of their Delta City demo, NUKE completed their Nuke debut album and immediately pitched it to HELLS HEADBANGERS. With Ritchie Riot from SHITFUCKER on vocals alongside members who've played in such cult bands as Reaper, Borrowed Time, Perversion, and Anguish, the label couldn't help but submit to the Delta City onslaught! Armed with a clear 'n' cutting production that doesn't sacrifice any grit or grime, Nuke explodes from the speakers with a nuclear assault of punk-infused speed metal, doomed for all time but anthemic as fuck and not going down without a fight. This is 100% metal death-or-glory that could've come out on Combat or Banzai back in the day, but infused with the wisdom of ages and ready for a street brawl. Inject Nuke and be forever corrupted!

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