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NACHTEULE - Bergdorf
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Canada | Atmospheric Black
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LABEL : Wolfspell
YEAR : 2018
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''The album opener is exquisitely beautiful with its enchanting acoustic folk melodies, i get the feeling of sitting around a fire awaiting an old tale to be told. Track two is where the story starts to be told, and there's a part about 37 seconds where another guitar track or something kicks in and it gives me goosebumps when it does. The rest of the song is a very pleasant mix of blackgaze and what some could describe as the sound of the True Norwegian Black Metal scene. Yet your atmospheric direction on this album reaches out in an almost dissonant way. Its truly a unique piece of music and im not even finished with track 2 at this point. Im truly excited to hear the rest of this album. A Grand Pas is a fire track from the blistering beginning, the mournful acoustic laden middle section (at times reminding of panopticon's Appalachian sound) and finshing off with that same blistering energy from the beginning makes this track an epic from start to finish. So for this album is getting better with every track that goes by. Les Yeux De La Foret, man your acoustic talent is superb! More beautifully executed acoustic guitar prefacing the onslaught of black metal that would rival some of the so called "finnish black Metal masterpieces". Have i mentioned how epic your vocals are?? Very gritty, but not screechy and you have a depth with them that you dont often hear of in black metal, i can only compare them somewhat to those of mgla, just a little darker. Bergdorf, the title track has continued to prove that Nachteule is a force within the bustling black metal scene that can not only stand side by side with some of the greats, but can also surpass them at times holding the torch for this genre and those who will be eager to listen to all it has to offer.'' -Cody Ward

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