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LIVING DEATH - Metal Revolution
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LIVING DEATH - Metal Revolution [High Roller Records] (CD)

Germany | Thrash/Speed
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SKU:  01CD972703329
LABEL : High Roller
YEAR : 2017
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Living Death continued their thrash metal onslaught with their second album, "Metal Revolution," picking up where they left off with "Vengeance of Hell." Despite the album's nine powerful tracks, the production fell short compared to thrash metal classics like Slayer's "Reign in Blood" or Kreator's "Extreme Aggressions." The addition of drummer Andreas Oberhoff brought a new dynamic to the band, but vocalist Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann refused to temper his distinctive vocal style, which had become a defining feature of Living Death. The critical reception mirrored that of their debut, with many reviews expressing disappointment. However, a few discerning magazines, such as Metal Forces from the UK, recognized the band's intentions. While "Metal Revolution" may have been slightly less extreme than its predecessor, it still featured raw German thrash metal classics like "Screaming from a Chamber," "Deep in Hell," and "Grippin a Heart." Originally released on the newly founded Earthshaker label in 1986, the album showcased Living Death's relentless pursuit of thrash excellence. Despite challenges and lineup changes, including Atomic Steif taking over on drums and the departure of the Kelch brothers, Living Death continued to evolve. Subsequent albums like "Protected from Reality" (1987), "Worlds Neuroses" (1988), and "Killing in Action" (1991) explored a more technical style of thrash metal, leaning towards the progressive influences of bands like Mekong Delta and Sieges Even.


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