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IMMORTAL DEATH - Immortal Death
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IMMORTAL DEATH (Sex Messiah) - Immortal Death (CASSETTE)

Japan | Death
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SKU:  06MC4558313
LABEL : Werewolf (Fin.)
YEAR : 2022
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WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present the debut demo of Japan's IMMORTAL DEATH, self-titled Immortal Death, on CD, 12" vinyl, and cassette tape formats.

Emitting the sick stench of the ancients, IMMORTAL DEATH play savage, Satanic DEATH METAL as if the last couple decades of "death metal" didn't exist. A mysterious entity, it is known that at least one member hails from the esteemed Sex Messiah, but that is where the parallels end: one listen to IMMORTAL DEATH's eponymous debut demo is enough to convince the diehard - or offend those of delicate sensibilities. Howling and harrowing and hulking in its ragged, rabid physicality, Immortal Death mangles both mind and body with its sulfurous rehearsal-room intensity, skillfully moving between primitive blasting and ominous trudge, with UNGODLY riffs being bullet-belted out right and left. And after a mere 14 minutes, you're left with absolute devastation.

So impressed by its sheer audacity and merciless battery, WEREWOLF steps forward to release Immortal Death on a worldwide scale, on all formats. Maniacs of Necrovore, the pre-Decide Amon, America's Infester, Pissgrave, or the late / great Deathchurch, prepare for reckoning with IMMORTAL DEATH.

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