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MARDUK - Rom 5:12
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Sweden | Black
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
YEAR : 2007
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Limited to 300 copies with special all-over print on the shell.

Marduk has consistently upheld their reputation for crafting intense, high-speed black metal since their formation in 1990. As one of Sweden's most esteemed black metal bands, they have remained committed to their old-school, keyboardless style, a hallmark that has defined their success.

"Rom 5:12" stands as a testament to Marduk's commitment to refining and evolving their signature style with each successive release. The album opens with a relentless barrage of guitar riffs and blast beats, immediately showcasing the band's unwavering dedication to their brutal sound. Mortuus, the vocalist, delivers a haunting and prolonged wail, adding a unique dimension to the music. While some may find his vocals different from Legion's cruel rasps, Mortuus effectively complements the dark, furious atmosphere of the album, especially evident in tracks like "Imago Mortis."

The album's flow is both commanding and steady, offering a varied tempo that keeps listeners engaged with well-executed time signature changes, melodic interludes, and seamlessly integrated medium-tempo tracks. Musically, "Rom 5:12" boasts nearly flawless production, with fast and crunchy guitar riffs juxtaposed by moments of melody. Lars Broddesson's precise drumming maintains an unrelenting pace, fitting seamlessly into the intricate tapestry of guitar riffs.

While the album adheres to traditional black metal lyrical themes, Marduk doesn't shy away from challenging listener expectations. Unexpected moments of softness break up the brutality, adding an element of surprise. For instance, the brief silence between "Imago Mortis" and "Through the Belly of Damnation" provides a momentary respite, demonstrating Marduk's ability to keep their compositions diverse and engaging. Even the seemingly ambient track "1651" serves a purpose, setting the stage for the sudden eruption of speedy guitar riffs in the subsequent track, "Limbs of Worship."

"Rom 5:12" features guest appearances that further elevate its appeal. Alan Averill of Primordial lends his voice to "Accuser/Opposer," introducing clean singing as an unexpected deviation from Mortuus's characteristic style. The inclusion of former vocalist Jocke G-thberg's voice on "Cold Mouth Prayer" adds a nostalgic touch for longtime fans.

In conclusion, "Rom 5:12" emerges as a masterpiece, exemplifying why Marduk has maintained a dedicated fanbase throughout their enduring career. The album's dark, intense, and diverse nature, coupled with its refusal to compromise on approachability, solidifies its place as a trustworthy choice for any black metal enthusiast.

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