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WOLFTOWER - Crownless King Of The Dismal Dark Empire
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WOLFTOWER - Crownless King Of The Dismal Dark Empire (12" LP on Black Vinyl)

Finland | Black
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SKU:  02LP9715553520
LABEL : Inferna Profundus
YEAR : 2022
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Detailed Description
Finnish Black Metal. Latest recording released on vinyl format. Contains exclusive bonus track.

Wolftower emerges as a formidable one-man raw Black Metal endeavor hailing from Finland, led by Vyrtur, also known for contributions to Chamber Wraith and Dragon’s Relic. This marks the debut full-length release for the project, boasting a concise nine-track composition clocking in at a precise 30 minutes. What we have here is a compelling blend of raw, melodic, and up-tempo Black Metal, skillfully crafted with well-structured songs, an abundance of captivating riffs, and the strategic inclusion of synthesizers to infuse just the right touch of atmosphere.

The journey begins with a dungeon synth intro, a recurring motif that weaves between the songs, offering brief respites. It doesn't linger but quickly yields to the relentless assault of 'Dragon Mountain.' This track kicks off with primal, pounding drumming and icy-cold riffing. Vyrtur's raw vocals, imbued with emotion, find their perfect place in the mix, adorned with a touch of reverb. Around the two-minute mark, elegantly layered synths make their entrance, only to be followed by a relentless barrage for the remainder of the song.

This blueprint forms the backbone of the album for the most part. 'Icy Tears Falling From the Sky' introduces a galloping guitar line and some intricate cymbal work during the chorus, reminiscent of early Bathory, with a dash of Gehenna-style keys. 'Eternal Winter of Hate' launches an unrelenting assault, akin to the style of Judas Iscariot, before transitioning to another enchanting keyboard passage in the pre-chorus, coupled with a flawless tempo shift into the chorus.

While Wolftower's raw Black Metal craftsmanship doesn't necessarily break new ground, it unapologetically draws inspiration from the pioneers of the first and second waves of the genre. Perhaps, the only minor qualm lies in Vyrtur's at times indiscernible vocals, as there are poignant moments when understanding the lyrics would amplify the experience. Additionally, the drum tuning, while embracing a primitive aesthetic, occasionally yearns for a more pronounced snare or cymbal to infuse greater potency into these finely composed tracks.

In conclusion, Wolftower delivers a stellar rendition of raw Black Metal, a captivating journey that pays homage to the genre's roots. These are meticulously crafted tracks that ebb and flow seamlessly, ensnaring your attention until the very last tortured note. If you're an aficionado of the unrefined facets of black metal, this release comes highly recommended. Prepare to be enthralled by a sonic excursion that respects tradition while forging its own compelling path.

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