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WAMPYRIC RITES / FUNERAL FULLMOON - Spectral Shadows Of The Forgotten Castle
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WAMPYRIC RITES / FUNERAL FULLMOON - Spectral Shadows Of The Forgotten Castle (12" LP on Black Vinyl)

Ecuador | Raw Black -&- Chile | Black
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SKU:  02LP9713748624
LABEL : Inferna Profundus
YEAR : 2023
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Detailed Description
From the mystical depths of the South American continent emerges a pair of vampiric entities, their dark essence flowing like twin torrents of squalid ichor from immortal obsidian fangs. Known by the dread titles of Wampyric Rites and Funeral Fullmoon, they embarked on their unholy journeys in the year 2019. Each offering their distinct take on raw vampyric black metal, their paths converged in a perfect union of victim-draining destitution. The culmination of their sinister destinies was foretold in the stars, concealed from mortal eyes within the shadowy veil of secrecy.

In the darkest of hours, away from the prying eyes of humanity, the Spectral Shadows of the Forgotten Castle took shape. Only the arcane might of Inferna Profundus Records could manifest this diabolical vision for the devoted acolytes of damnation. Through ominous prophecy and eerie incantations, the Spectral Shadows of the Forgotten Castle now loom over the villages within their dominion.

This evocative work of bifurcated brilliance unfolds with Wampyric Rites gracing the first side of this mystical incantation. With an intro-magical spell of dungeon synth sorcery, it contrasts against the band's trademark brand of emaciated raw revenant black metal. Its melodies, as addictive as the carnal compulsion for lifeblood, paint a vivid tapestry of morbid terror.

Funeral Fullmoon, on the other hand, embarks on a mournful procession, a solitary journey through raw, melancholic black metal. It traverses a path strewn with the remnants of eldritch departed souls. The depressive sorrow it evokes grips the soul with its hypnotic harsh melodics and haunting shrieks. Finally, an outromancy spell of dungeon synth sorcery brings closure to this macabre tale, extinguishing the last vestiges of daylight.

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