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NACHTLICH - Third Ritual
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NACHTLICH - Third Ritual [Inferna Profundus] (12" LP on Black Vinyl)

Canada | Black
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SKU:  02LP9713707496
LABEL : Inferna Profundus
YEAR : 2022
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With a sweep of sanguine axe and a scornful disregard for the solar halo, the rusted chains of antediluvian iron yield to immortal talons, allowing the rise of an entity dreaded solely as Nachtlich. Awakened from its medieval slumber in the year 2016, Nachtlich emerges as a Canadian revenant, brought forth by the enigmatic mourner known as U.E. This mournmaker's notoriety among a multitude of desolate entities reverberates through melancholic chants of trance, echoing in tomb cults across the ephemeral realm.

A repository of nightbringer brutality, Nachtlich's collection of enchanting incantations is vast. However, it is only through the discerning eye of the ritual master, Inferna Profundus Records, that this early masterpiece by U.E. has been carefully selected to bask in the unlight of half-moon horror malevolence. "Third Ritual" is the call of the carrion, echoing through graves and summoning the unliving ghastly grume. This evocative alchemical fusion intertwines bass-heavy raw black metal with eerie atmospheric ambient offerings, unveiling Nachtlich's awakening to its decaying grandeur. U.E. wields the power of putrescent power chords, the percussive cadence of a zombie's march, the piercing shrieks of incantation, the seismic resonance of bass, the discordant dissonance of production, and the enlightening ennui of subversive synth.

Devoted to the ancient traditions, U.E. carves a path both familiar and unique, weaving a labyrinthine composition that juxtaposes spectral synth interludes with mid-paced raw black metal massacres. Raw, unadorned, and rancid, Nachtlich's "Third Ritual" stands as a triumphant testament to the unholy trinity of damnation.

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